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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Congratulation on the Juno Nomination Bill Johnson

So yesterday i got a phone call from my cousin Bill Johnson (mom's side) to let me know he has been nominated for a Juno for his Blues Band. Well as you can imagine, my mum and I where thrilled and so proud of him. He has been working very hard for years and has come out with three albums already and finally is getting the recognition he deserves. i was already so excited to hear his song on the radio here in Ottawa but now this. Well I can't say I'm surprised because talent is in his genes. Bill Johnson is son of Dorthy Oxbourough, a famous painter from Victoria BC, known for painting portraits of beautiful native children. 

Bill Johnson has been coming to Melaque the past few years and has stayed at Posada Arianna. Well as you can imagine the music flowing through the Hotel is wonderful and everybody loves listening to him play. During parties he and my dad keep the party going and everybody dancing. The two of them have so much fun making everybody smile from ear to ear.

Bill Johnson and Helen Davies also organised a concert in Victoria BC in order to raise money for people who where affected by hurricane Jova. Thankyou!!

One of the best songs he has is about Melaque, San Patricio. Check it out.

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